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Cahya Center

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Cahya: Spreading love & light

Cahya Center supports you on your path. We help you find more love and light in your life, improve your health, and embark on the path toward your destiny. Through Past Life Regression experiences, Shamanic Energy Medicine, and Intuitive Coaching, we spread warmth, love, and tranquility.

Wendy has helped me over a number of long distance phone sessions.  I was skeptical at first but have been amazed at how powerful and spiritual the sessions with Wendy are.  I often feel much lighter, as if negative energy has been removed.  Helpful messages have been shared with me about the path forward in my life.  Sessions leave me feeling peaceful and connected.  I'm very grateful that Wendy is sharing her gifts with me and others and I highly recommend her.
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—  Carol | Florida

Wendy Mader

Wendy began her healing path after being an international business executive, owning an Executive Coaching practice, raising two children, and caregiving for an ill family member. Her work is a blend of her international leadership background, education, training, life experiences, intuition, strengths and gifts. She focuses on healing, support, and love. Her work is to help people heal and realize their highest purpose in life. Wendy offers in person and remote experiences which can lead you to peace, healing, and learning.

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