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Love, Light, and Guidance


Paths to Healing

Intuitive coaching

After running a very successful executive coaching firm for over a decade, Wendy married her spiritual side with her corporate background and began intuitive coaching. These sessions help you reach your goals and step into your soul's path and beyond. Wendy uses her skills as a mentor, guide, coach, teacher, and friend, all while tapping into knowledge that comes to her from Spirit. Frequent topics that arise in coaching sessions : abundance, health, and manifesting your desires. Let Wendy help you attract the life you want!

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Do you repeat patterns in your life, work, or relationships which no longer serve you?  Do you have physical or emotional or psychological pain you would like to eliminate?  Are you confused about your Soul's Path or your Destiny?  Is a loved one dying or has someone died and you are concerned whether they have gone where they're meant to go?  Do you sense there is bad energy in your home or workspace?  Shamanic Energy Medicine can help with all of the above and much more.  

Intuitive Coaching
Past Life Regression

Trained by Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, and considered the Western world’s guru of Past Life Regressions, these sessions are relaxing and often unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  Wendy will guide you gently through your childhood, infancy, the day you were born, in the womb, to a past life and "life between lives" during your session. Regressions can be done one-on-one or in groups. 


Even if you don't believe in past lives, experiencing a past life regression means you will likely access memories and connect those to help heal your life today.  

Past Life
Ceremonies & Rituals

Come to Cahya Center for a one-on-one or group experience led by Wendy. Feel the forces of Spirit through New Moon and Full Moon fire ceremonies, and other ritual experiences like The Rights of the Womb and Despacho’s.


Experience the magic of Cahya Center through retreats.  Guests have the option to  coordinate around the moon cycle, join with a group, or come solo.  For 2-3 nights, you'll enjoy life-giving meals, healing sessions, deep discussions, body movement, past life regression, energy medicine, fire ceremonies, meditations, contemplation time, hiking, and so much more.  Wendy can be a catalyst for your energy to unfold within the safety net of all that Cahya Center offers. 


After steeping in the healing powers of Cahya Center, you’ll leave refreshed, healed and lighter. 

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